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innovative mobility solutions

With our platform, we enable the simple and fast development of new mobility services and the realisation of innovative, holistic business models through the seamless integration and interconnection of mobility providers and other services. We see ourselves as an enabler for your innovations - because our white label approach means you always maintain direct customer contact.

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Individually configurable and expandable

Make our platform
your platform

Thanks to its modular structure, the platform can be individually adapted to your needs and requirements. If you need more, the platform can be expanded quickly and easily with optional add-on modules. Thanks to usage-based billing, the platform scales flexibly with your requirements and your usage volume.

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Generation of a cross-provider route
POST /v1/routing

    "start": {              // start coordinates
        "lat": 48.49129,
        "lng": 9.2084613
    "destination": {        // destination coordinates
        "lat": 48.778507,
        "lng": 9.179670
    "date": "23-06-2024",   // date of the trip
    "time": "22:23",        // departure time at start
    "mode": "fastest"       // calculate fastest route
Simple and fast to your own solution

Integrate all platform services from ArriveOS where you like

With our REST-based API-first approach, you can easily and quickly integrate the platform's functionalities into existing user interfaces such as websites and apps as well as system and backend solutions – or even develop entirely new offerings.

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The mobility of your city in one app

With our app for iOS and shortly also for Android, we bundle the mobility of your city in one app. Regardless of whether it's public transport, e-scooters, bike sharing, parking spaces, e-charging stations or other mobility services. Download the app now and explore your city.

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Shape the future of mobility now

Implement holistic, cross-provider mobility solutions quickly and easily on the basis of our platform services. We would be happy to demonstrate our services to you and answer your questions in a free and non-binding initial consultation.

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