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The Arrive Mobility Stack

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Develop your own innovative and holistic mobility services and solutions.

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Mobility platform

ArriveOS provides you with comprehensive platform services for the realisation of innovative and holistic mobility solutions.

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Cloud Infrastructure

By operating the platform on the cloud infrastructure of leading providers, high scalability and reliability is achieved.

Connecting multiple mobility providers with ArriveOS
Flexible mobility through integrated offers

Seamless and intelligent interconnection
of mobility services

The possibility of integrating regional mobility offers allows them to be seamlessly and intelligently connected with each other, thus realising holistic, cross-provider offers and solutions. The existing connectors for industry standards such as TRIAS or GTFS allow even faster integration. And if you need a little more, there is also the option of integrating additional services and data, for example charging stations for electric vehicles or car parks.

Mobility as individual as your customers

Arrive relaxed with the smart routing

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Intermodal routing including local services

The routing algorithm enables the generation of intermodal and cross-provider routes, which means that all offers can be combined flexibly. In addition, local services such as Park & Ride offers and e-charging stations can be taken into account in the routing.

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Three preference-based modes to choose from

The search results and routes can be adapted to individual preferences using three modes. This way, your customers can freely choose whether they want to take the fastest, the cheapest or the most relaxed route.

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Smarter routes through environmental data

By integrating environmental data such as traffic or weather, your customers can reach their destination even more comfortably. For example, individual mobility options can be prioritised in the routing depending on weather conditions and traffic density.

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Here & Now
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User Management
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Geared to your requirements

Combine services flexibly

ArriveOS provides a variety of platform services and functionalities for the realisation of your innovations and offers. These can be flexibly combined according to your requirements and preferences, so that you only use those services that you want and need.

Available plattform services

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Offer your customers and users seamless and intelligent routes across multiple providers and offers.

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Here & Now

Show all available mobility offers that are in the user's vicinity at the current time.

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User Management

Store and manage the users of your offers directly on our platform.

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User preferences

Offer your users individually tailored routing by storing user preferences.

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Points of Interest

In addition to stops, airports and landmarks in your region, add your own points of interest, such as customer centres.

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Mapping Service

Automatically complete and validate your users' address entries as they are entered.

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Developer Accounts

Manage the access and rights of your developers to the platform interfaces of your account individually.

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More in development

We are constantly developing our platform to offer you even more possibilities for the realisation of mobility solutions.

Screenshot of the Arrive Mobility Dashboard

Manage your services conveniently via the dashboard

All platform services can be configured and managed quickly and easily via the Operations Dashboard. The fine-grained rights and roles system also allows you to grant access to your dashboard to other people and assign individual rights and roles.

Simple and fast to your own solution

Integrate all platform services anywhere you like

Our REST-based API-first approach allows you to easily and quickly integrate the platform's functionalities into existing user interfaces such as websites and apps as well as system and backend solutions ‐ or even develop entirely new offerings.

Generation of a cross-provider route
POST /v1/routing

    "start": {              // start coordinates
        "lat": 48.49129,
        "lng": 9.2084613
    "destination": {        // destination coordinates
        "lat": 48.778507,
        "lng": 9.179670
    "date": "21-05-2024",   // date of the trip
    "time": "16:16",        // departure time at start
    "mode": "fastest"       // calculate fastest route

Shape the future of mobility now

Implement holistic, cross-provider mobility solutions quickly and easily on the basis of our platform services. We would be happy to demonstrate our services to you and answer your questions in a free and non-binding initial consultation.

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