Our Mission

Increasing the quality of life
through simple mobility

Mobility is much more than just getting from one place to another. Mobility is the vein of a modern society. A society where people interact with each other, where cultures meet, where everyone can actively participate in everyday life. Mobility enables us to participate in daily life, to get to work, to meet friends and family, to pursue our own interests and hobbies. However, mobility should not restrict the freedom of every individual.

Integrated mobility concepts are required that do not exclusively address large cities with comprehensive mobility offers, but rather form supra-regional solutions that consider the city as well as the countryside and enable integrated and seamless mobility. Because mobility connects people. Mobility means freedom. Mobility is quality of life - and we are actively shaping the mobility of tomorrow to provide everyone with intelligent mobility and easy access to it.

The founding team

Roland Philippi - Co-Founder und CEO von Arrive Mobility
Roland Philippi
Co-Founder / CEO
Lars Dietrich - Co-Founder und CTO von Arrive Mobility
Lars Dietrich
Co-Founder / CTO

Practical partner of the mobility managers
of tomorrow

We are a proud partner of the Executive Master's programme in Mobility Innovations at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. This programme aims to train interdisciplinary mobility managers who understand the structures, functions and challenges as well as the interrelationships and future trends of the transport and logistics sector.

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Campus of the Zeppelin University
Achieving more together

Our supporters

The mobility of your city in one app

With our app for iOS and shortly also for Android, we bundle the mobility of your city in one app. Regardless of whether it's public transport, e-scooters, bike sharing, parking spaces, e-charging stations or other mobility services. Download the app now and explore your city.

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Explore also our further services

With our other services, we enable you to develop your own intelligent, holistic and cross-provider mobility offerings without having to deal with the development and operation of the underlying technology.

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