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The Arrive Mobility App is your mobility app! Experience the mobility of your city in a new way by getting easier and more flexible access to the mobility services in your area. Whether bus, tram, underground, train, e-scooter, car sharing, bike sharing or parking spaces and e-charging stations for your hybrid or electric vehicle. The Arrive Mobility app bundles all these offers in a single app. True to our mission: increasing the quality of life through simple mobility.

The Arrive Mobility app is available for iOS in the AppStore and for Android through Google Play free of charge.

The Arrive Mobility App is currently available in Reutlingen and the surrounding area. However, we are working on quickly offering the app in other cities and regions.

The following mobility services are currently integrated in the Arrive Mobility App:
- Public Transport (bus, tram, underground)
- Train
- E-Scooter
- Bike sharing
- Parking/Park+Ride
- EV charging
- Petrol stations
- Bike
- Walking

We are constantly working on integrating more mobility services and providers into the app.

If you have given the Arrive Mobility app permission to access your location, you will see all the mobility offers in your area on the map. If you click on one of the offers on the map, the details of this mobility offer will open. Another option is the overview pages of the mobility offers, which can be accessed via the start screen. After clicking on one of the forms of mobility (e.g. public transport, scooter, parking), you will receive a list of mobility offers in your area, including the distance to your location.

To receive route suggestions, click on the search bar on the start screen. Here you can enter your starting point and destination, whereupon you will receive route suggestions via the available mobility offers. Clicking on one of the suggestions opens the detail screen, which provides you with more information about the route, lines, providers and transfers.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to book mobility offers directly in our app. However, we are working on making this function available to you in the future.

You can take advantage of the available mobility services in two ways:

1. Map:
Click on one of the available mobility offers on the map. In the details that now open, you can click on the "Start journey" button to be forwarded directly to the app of the respective partner and make the booking there. For most partners, the respective vehicle is preselected directly in the partner app.

2. Search:
You can use the search function to get route suggestions to your desired destination. In the route details, you are also offered the option of being forwarded directly to the partner app in order to make the booking there.

We are very happy to receive your feedback and ideas for the improvement and further development of our app. Feel free to contact us at any time by email: .

You can find information about data protection in our privacy policy for our website und for our app (German version).

If you have any questions, you can always send an e-mail to or contact us using the contact form. We will process your request as quickly as possible.

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